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Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting the Most Out of Your PC

Sometimes programs run in the background without the user ever knowing it, so it is a good idea to open the computer’s task manager and close any unnecessary programs in order to reduce the load on the CPU.  External devices like a mouse, web cam and external drives can also speed up how fast your battery drains.  Wifi can also drain your battery so it is a good idea to disable your wifi connection if you are not using the internet. The disk drive on a laptop will also use more power than a solid state drive like a USB thumb drive so avoid using CD’s and DVD’s when possible.

You can also extend the life of your laptop’s battery by occasionally cleaning the contacts between the battery and the computer.  Simply remove the battery and wipe the connections on both the battery and the computer with a soft cloth that is been slightly moistened with household rubbing alcohol.  This will help keep the contacts from corroding and will ensure that you get the maximum amount of power available from you battery.  You should also take care not to let a fully charged battery sit unused for an extended period of time. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Before You Customize a Laptop in the HP G60t Series

Babe Ruth never thought about using a new type of series to view or learn about the World Series. Babe Ruth never heard of the HP G60t Series. Babe Ruth lived during a time when there were no laptop computers. You live during an age when growing numbers of people are buying such computers. Do you plan to purchase a laptop computer? If so, then you ought to read and study the following article. Discover what items you should expect to see as standard equipment on a top quality laptop. Find out how you can get a terrific deal on one of the newest laptop computers.

If you plan to purchase and customize a laptop in the HP G60t Series, then you need to become familiar with the starting specs on each computer in that Series. Each HP G60t laptop contains a 2.0 GHz Intel Core. It comes with a 1 GB DDR2 memory and prospects for a free upgrade to a 3GB DDR2 memory.

Now whenever HP salespeople have found another G60t customer, then the memory is not the only item that gets a free upgrade. An HP special guarantees a free upgrade for the laptop’s hard disk as well. That promises to transform a 160 GB Sata into a 250 GB disk.

Now unless you plan to store nothing but words on your new laptop, then you should know that an HP G60t has a 4500MHD media accelerator from IntelGraphics. Stored graphics can be displayed using the HP Brightview screening capabilities.

A microphone, a webcam and a wilreless G card are standard equipment on a laptop in this HP series. Each laptop also has a six cell lithium ion battery. One reviewer has indicated that the purchase of a laptop from the G60t Series represents the sealing of a “great deal.” Such a purchase can lead to hours of game playing, dependence on great document storage and possible Internet addiction.

If you expect to do a limited amount of traveling, and if you plan to use your new laptop in your own home, then you might want to request one of the optional features. Feel free to ask your HP salesperson for a free DeskJet printer.

Are you hesitant about making such a request? Are you concerned about the final bill that the salesperson will hand to you? Then you will be pleased to learn that the total package described in the paragraphs above can be yours for about $600.00.

That is all that you need to pay in order to enjoy a laptop that comes with Microsoft Widows Vista software. That is all the money that you need to spend, in order to enjoy a mobile computer with double layer support.

This writer suspects that you, the reader, now understand why a reviewer would encourage a potential G60t buyer to look at his or her contemplated purchase as a “great deal.” This writer hopes that you can take advantage of this great deal. While this writer spends most of her time at the computer tapping away at the keyboard, this writer knows that a growing number of people view their laptop as a source of great entertainment.

This writer promises that you will find a laptop in the HP G60t Series to be far more entertaining that this article, an article that has focused on that Series.

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